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Brinley Salzmann

Director - Overseas & Exports - ADS

“The depth and extent of Simon Chelton’s knowledge and expertise on the Japanese market is totally phenomenal, and the range of his contacts in Japan is amazing. He is the one expert on Japan that I would ALWAYS first turn to, without hesitation, if I had any queries of any kind related to Japan.”

David Bright

Operations Director - BMT Group

Simon has been working alongside BMT on our Japanese Campaign for over 3 years with the aim of utilising BMT’s maritime and naval design expertise to secure lasting business relationships with relevant Japanese industries and the JSDF. Throughout this period, Simon’s guidance, knowledge of the Japanese defence market and understanding of Japanese business culture has been critical. He has made introductions to key Japanese industries, JMOD organisations and the wider business community in Japan; provided input to key campaign strategies; and guided us through the ‘business and political minefield’ that surrounds doing business in Japan. I have no doubt that BMT would be 1-2 years behind where we are today without his support.

Jeff Owen

Vice President Global Growth - Babcock International

Having little knowledge of the Japanese market on the announcement of a major defence opportunity we had little time to engage with stakeholders such that they could recognise the value we could bring to the programme. With Simon’s help we planned an engagement strategy that moved us from “…who are you…” to “…you are our preferred partner…” in the eyes of the major stakeholders within a 12 months period.

This was achieved very cost effectively, utilising Simon’s knowledge of the correct cultural approach and breadth of stakeholders that we needed to engage in order to gain consensus regarding our offering and approach.

This methodology clearly works as on the other end of the scale with a small R&D project we managed to move from ” …industry does not approach the government like this with unsolicited proposals…” to the Japanese Government and industry opening up engagement and funding for a potential joint project.

These are just two examples of the opportunities that we managed to gain engagement on in a very short period of time, however we recognise that as with many defence markets, and possibly more so with Japan, that we need to sustain relationships over a long period of time. The flexible business model offered by Chelton Consulting allowed us to move at our own pace, whilst encouraging a route for us to grow an independent local presence in the future.